Wednesday 3 June 2015

Chaotic Distractions

Sometimes it's good to put a project to the side and let a curveball generate some enthusiasm. The past month has featured some distracting radness courtesy of my good friend Pob. After a pretty bum day at work, I came home to a package which included several wonderful old models, including something I've always wanted to paint. In summery, I've ended up with several classic Chaos models, an Eldar Warlock Titan (!!!!!!!!) a Genestealer Hybrid and some assorted other figures. It's safe to say that my Harlequin painting schedule has been put on hold for a while! So far, I've finished up three Blue Horrors of Tzeentch and two World Eaters of Khorne Marines.


The Blue Horrors were some of the fastest figures I've ever painted, pretty much finished them in less than a day. They were a real blast to paint and I finally managed to try out one of the new blue glazes which really intensified the hue and took away the chalkiness of the some of the highlights. They're some of the most characterful sculpts I've painted recently and I can see why people go mad for collecting old Chaotic demons. Didn't get a picture of the whole crew, so this fella looks rather lonely here.

 - W O R L D  E A T E R -

I think these are Dave Andrews sculpts judging by the chunkiness of the design and the amount of skulls on them. Whilst not being the most elegant or iconic examples of World Eaters of Khorne (that honour in my opinion belongs to the later semi-armoured assault marines also by Dave) these have a real charm of their own. Despite going for a bright, 90's paint scheme, I decided to add some wear, dirt and bloodstains to make these figures a little bit more relevant to today's tabletops - that and the fact that painting blood is super fun. 

It was a really good chance to paint some figures that I would have otherwise never have got to work on and I'm really looking forward to painting up the Eldar Titan for the local store's next competition.  It's also been a great break from painting the Harlequins and I'm happy to say that I've only got the one Troupe leader left to finish up now. After that, I'm planning on painting up two war-walkers and ten scouts to form the core of the force. The best part is that Pob has got back into painting again and has been knocking out some rad old fantasy figures with his kid Rhys. So stoked when stuff like that happens!


  1. I'm a sucker for those World Eaters, mostly thanks to the Eavy Metal section in the 2nd edition Rulebook- which I see you stayed pretty faithful to when painting these guys.
    I have around a dozen of them, a couple of the assault guys and a dozen of the monopose plastics that will one day become my Chaos army.

    Despite not being much of a Tzeentch guy, I love those horrors and yours looks perfect.

    1. Was tempted to add little runes like the ones in that book but wussed out - love anything from that era! Would envy the chance to paint up some of the assault guys, think I may have bits of a plastic one that came free with WD years back,..

      I'm not entirely convinced by all of the Tzeentch stuff - the fungoid sculpts do nothing for me, but I'm well down with all of the bird skull stuff.