Friday 14 August 2015

Alaitoc Parade Part One

The past couple of weeks have bore witness to some actual work (who'd of thought it?) for the annual Armies on Parade competition entry at the local GW. I posted a fair while back about some of the inspiration behind the choice of army and I think I'm just about to hit the halfway stage with it. Sadly, I doubt that I'll be making a force-specific board to display these guys on as I can't justify the amount of space it could potentially take up, so will instead either mod one of the Realm of Battle tiles I already own or just lame-out and re-use the one pictured. I'm just hoping the manager isn't too bummed that I'm submitting ANOTHER old army. Anyhow, here's how things are looking so far,..

You can totally see Siobhan Fahey's naked back in this photo. Siobhan Fahey would well play Eldar.

Harlequin troupe shot with the Troupe Master leading - so stoked I finally got to paint this figure up! Kinda reminds me of Martin Degville from Sigue Sigue Sputnik!

More Jes Goodwin radness. Cannot fault these figures for design. Again, always lusted after these and felt a massive sense of accomplishment after finishing them. Really hyped on painting purple gems right now.

Alaitoc War Walker. Again, faultlessly designed model. The pilot has massive sideburns for a space elf!

Three of five Guardians. Love these photo Guardian / Avenger designs. The sculpt on the female armour in particular is really well realised.

Eldar Scouts. These were the models that really kicked off the idea of an Alaitoc force.  It's rad that the modern figures take so many design ideas from them.

Totally camouflaged. Ain't no one spotting us.

Feeling pretty pleased with the progress so far, especially now all the Harlequins are done. Painting up the Craftworld stuff is actually really nice and it's great to be working with such a vibrant palette. Still having issues with yellow though, it's satisfying to get right but can be such a ball-ache as it's such a thin pigment. The only thing I'm concerned about is the dominance of the blue on the larger models - undecided as to whether or not to take the plunge and freehand some bold Craftworld symbols to break it up. May leave that until the end of the project! So now all I have to paint up are the following,..

1 x Eldar Farseer (Pointy rad one)
2 x Eldar War drones (Never, ever thought I'd own, let alone get to paint these guys!)
5 x Eldar Scouts
1 x Eldar War-Walker
1 x Eldar Support Weapon

If I have the time, I've a squad of five of the original Howling Banshees and an Exarch, but I'm pretty sure that list alongside some other little bits I have on the go will keep me busy until October. I really wish I had a little more time and that was a faster painter as I've some of the amazing metal/plastic Guardian troops and would love to include them alongside the proto Guardians/Avengers.

Right, best start getting on with it!


  1. Lovely! I've a real soft spot for classic Goodwin Eldar. These look flawless!

    1. Cheers! They're the best, pretty much timeless pieces in my opinion. If I ever meet him I'm going to fan-boy out so bad.

  2. Nice crisp paint job mate!

    1. Thanks Tony! Totally ripping on WD 138 for painting tutorials!