Thursday 17 December 2015

Orks! Tens of em'

It's been a really productive past few weeks for me, with a whole squad of Orks getting done along with a small Dreadnought and some Gretchin too! I've also made good progress on prepping and basing some new additions to the force and have almost finished tidying up the Battlewagon. It's been a refreshing change to have maintained full enthusiasm with this project and so far I've not had any problems other than running out of plastic left arms! Things will probably slow down a little in the next week or so because of Yuletimes, but I'm sure I'll have the majority of this mini-army done for the end of January. I've decided against amassing 20 Gretchin in the immediate future as the ones I'm after are too expensive to really justify buying right now, so I'll probably aim to pick a few up here and there throughout the next few months - plus I'm really fed up with the smell of dettol in the kitchen! Anyway, here's some models,...

We'll maybe hit some things,..

The Boyz! Some great Kev Adams sculpts in here! Particularly like the classic Bad Moon guys with their rad pointed caps. Really stoked on the Boy I chose to be the Nob too, he's a fantastic figure and is covered in great little details - glad to have finally found a home for the old Yarrick power claw that has been idle in the bits-box for nearly 20 years too!

Ugulhard, is a bit like Wattie from the Exploited, but less of a prick.

The only issue I had with these figures was that the plastic arms (particularly the left open-palmed type) don't accommodate weapons very well without green-stuffing. I imagine this is because they were primarily designed for the plastic Boyz that came out around the same time. I also must admit I'm not overly fond of the heavy multi-melta as it sits too high on the shoulder. However, there's little I could really do to lower it save severely hacking into it, which would have probably ended up being a real mess knowing my modelling skills. The Lascannon fella looks rad though!

Imagine painting 40 of those fuckers? No thanks!

The start of a Gretchin Mob. Not really into the Perry sculpts at all, but this guy with the stick-bombs is pretty awesome! Massive soft-spot for the old plastic mono-pose guys too, but not that massive that I'd want to paint more than a few of them! When finished, this Mob will not be uniformly equipped, but will probably be played as such.

Yellow peril.

Really hyped on getting to paint this Dreadnought. I had the option of making the classic version with two ranged weapons, but wasn't feeling the sculpts for either of them. I think he looks far better with just two claws anyway. Sadly this set was missing the hatch and banner pole, but luckily I had one of the old Battlewagon exhausts in the bits box to tidy things up at the back. Bonus Snotling lurking on the base because they're awesome!

Left arm coming soon!

Just this evening finished off (well mostly) the Shokk Attack Mek! Always had a fascination for this model and it was a joy to paint. The detail on the gun is wonderful and it oozes a sense of ramshackle menace. Sadly, this figure was in a real state when I received it and as much as I tried I couldn't quite remove all the paint, so some minor spots aren't as smooth as I'd like them to be. However, it's more than worth the smell of dettol when you get to finally get the excuse to paint loads of Snotlings!

He's having fun, honest.

Currently in the work pile I've this excellent group sculpt which should be finished up next week, loads of Snotlings for the Shokk Attack Gun and a whole Battlewagon! Got a bit too excited about the latter and gave in to painting up the engine block - can't wait to get into the rest of it! I've also got a little scenery project on the go for this army which is slowly taking shape - very much looking forward to having a little Ork Village for these guys to hang out in!

Bodywork optional!

There's a few plans floating in the pipes for next year too. I'm hoping to use Frostgrave as an excuse to paint up some rad old Fantasy figures and I'm really keen on painting a load of old Terminators to use in Space Hulk - really fancy getting enough figures together to roughly play through all the scenarios in Deathwing and Genestealer with the recent edition floor-tiles. Then there's the second edition Tyranids to finish, The Ravenwing, the old Chaos war band for Warhammer, the Wild in the Streets Goth Gang,....

Realistically it's never going to end is it?

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