Tuesday 12 February 2019


Almost a year without an update eh? Last year was to put it extremely mildly distracting; four jobs within eight months definitely took the wind from the hobby sails and even though I'd done the odd bit of painting, I didn't feel the urge to share much of it. Thankfully, I'm in a much better place now and have had a few things moved off the hobby shelf which I'm pleased to show off.

Fulgrim was not a kit I took on lightly. Besides being pretty expensive and a challenging sculpt, there was the emotional baggage to contend with. Besides having possibly the most tragic fall in the Horus Heresy narrative, he also reminds me of Sephiroth from FFVII. I never finished FFVII because I was

1 - Not very good at the game


2 - Couldn't actually bring myself to kill Sephiroth at the end.

Call me a lamer, but I've a soft spot for antagonists who fall from grace. Don't even get me started on Biblical narratives regarding this! Anyway, the Fulgrim sculpt really reflects the point just before there is no possible redemption for him. I'm aware that many people criticise Simon Egan's handling of the facial sculpt, but I think it works perfectly. A moment of gut-falling inertia as the Laerian blade crosses the rubicon into tragedy.  Anyway, here's some photos.

Fulgrim dance times.

Not sure why the Forgeworld and other painted examples I could find of this model have dead Emperor's Children on the base. I know that this is partially a diorama base for the Istvaan battle, but I'd like to think that Fulgrim would at least like to be captured for posterity not treading on his own dead. So here he is, prancing around the departed remains of Iron Hands.

Tales with spooky swords never end well.

The model itself was fine to paint once it had been cleaned up. I'm not the biggest fan of resin and there was some really fiddly parts of this kit. If I was to tackle this again, I'd be a lot less blasé with the pteruges on the skirt thongs. I understand why they include more than you need as I lost several of them in the carpet!

Anguish before eternity.

I feel that a lot of people criticise the 'hair-dryer' mouth a little too harshly. I painted into it as much as possible to reduce the width and I think it's worked okay. I think this may be the first model I've ever painted with sculpted eyebrows too! On fleek Fulgrim!

Could we call this a Ferrus angle?

Really happy with the cloak as I was worried the red and purple would clash awfully. Managed to work out a way of mixing red glaze and mephiston red to make it as vivid as possible too. When I eventually revisit my Blood Angels I'll be utilising that technique a lot!

Now that he's done I'm drawing a close on my Emperor's Children. I'm not really into collecting more models than I need for an army I'll never play with and although I love the Phoenix Terminators and Palatine Blades figures, I can't be doing with more resin models. That is unless they release a pre-heresy sculpt of Fulgrim, in which case, please take my first-born. Oh, and the new Noise Marine totally doesn't count. 


Next up is a visit back into the past. To the deepest roots of the initial contact with the 41st millennium. We're going backward into a time before I'd even set foot in a Games Workshop store, to a time when I cacked my pants in my cousin's darkened bedroom watching him play Space Hulk on the Amiga 1200. 

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  1. Love your back catalogue of classic figures...looking forward to the future of this blog ;)

    Fulgrim looks good too :)