Tuesday 9 August 2016

The Faithful Few

I've had a soft spot for the Emperor's Children for a long, long time now. Right from the earliest mentions of them in old cannon, their search for artistic and martial perfection coupled with their tragic downfall ticks all the inspiration boxes for me (plus the colour scheme of purple and gold is badass).  Now that the Horus Heresy universe has had a good decade worth of fluff and excellent miniature support built around it, it seems like too good an opportunity not to make a commitment to building up a little narrative force. I'm going to be theming them as loyalist survivors on Istavaan led by none other than Saul Tarvitz, who should be really fun to convert. Until recently, the only figure I had got around to painting was this classic, post-heresy fella. I'll be using this colour scheme for the force and will be adding crap tons of weathering too.

Essentially evil Rimmer in power-armour.

I've never been overly fond of working with resin despite how wonderful Forgeworld's models are and I was stoked to see that GW is now supporting core parts of the HH universe in plastic. Last week I finally got around to picking up a copy of the amazing Betrayal at Calth boxset, and with the local GW's Armies on Parade kicking off in October, I thought it'd be cool masochistic to try and get the majority of the contents painted up for it. So far I've work my way through base coating up all weapons, torsos and backpacks as well as finishing off the bases which is lighting fast considering how slowly I usually paint! At this rate, I'll have all the marines done by the end of August, which leaves me with a month to sort out the Contemptor and Saul Tarvitz conversion. I'm also planning on constructing an Istavaan-themed board to display the completed project on, which may be pushing the realms of realistic expectations!

If all else fails, I'm sure the old Orks won't mind stepping in for their first public outing!

More painting updates when I have more than bits lying around the front room!

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