Thursday 6 October 2016

EC Show and Tell

I can't ever recall painting as many figures this quickly before. Over the past few weeks, I've been constantly surprised walking into our front room and seeing the force slowly growing every morning - stoked to know that it's possible for me to churn out a decent sized force in just over a month given proper incentive and enthusiasm! That said, I've had a little more time in the last week to work on painting as I've been off looking after my partner who has been recovering from surgery. I'm hyped that I've been able to spend time helping them to get back on their feet and hack away at some crafting too!

Meat and Potatoes.

Long-range Pudding.

This is the main bulk of the force - apologies for the awful photos! As part of the narrative, all the models have been based on ashy, grey bases with white marble chipping to represent the ruins of the Choral City on Istvaan. Being a massive cheapskate, I didn't spurge on special EC units from Forgeworld; instead I based the core of the force around basic bitch legionnaire tactical squads and support squads from the afore mentioned excellent Betrayal at Calth boxset. So far, I've two tactical squads of fifteen completed and one heavy missile launcher support squad, but I've got enough parts to work on another lascannon-armed support squad after the AOP event (which is to appease my OCD for symmetrically organised armies as much as it is for tactical reasons). I also have a certain suspicion that I may be getting a Landraider Proteus for my birthday (kjsdnvo[ ere'a /nvasgi[bv !!!!!!) and that'll look amazing in the middle of the whole ensemble.

Ancient Rylanor. 

The Contemptor Dreadnought is an absolute dream of a model - so many posing options! This is the largest resin kit I've worked with so far and it wasn't as scary as anticipated. He's based roughly on the concept art featured in one of the black library books, but I went for the more basic chassis as I'm not keen on the fluted armour of the venerable versions. I also got to use some of the FW etched brass on this guy too - love that stuff!

Captain Saul Tarvitz.

Really enjoyed modelling and painting this guy up too. His body is mainly composed of EC Palatine Blades bits, whilst his sword comes from an old Terminator. His gun (which you can't really see) is a proper Frankenstein kit-bash and is made up of about 6 separate parts. Whilst I'm not 100% happy with the hair-sculpt (I'm crap with green stuff) I think this guy makes a good Captain stand in, regardless of loyalties!


As for the paint job, he's pretty much exactly the same as the rest of the force. However, I did experiment with trying to do blended reflections on his massive sword. The result isn't quite what I was hoping for, but if I find times before the event to touch it up I reckon I can sort it out! The only super lame thing that happened whilst painting these guys up was an unfortunate incident with the final varnish. Sadly I frosted the shit out on the majority of the force and had to re-wash and re-paint some stuff to bring it back. However, the overall look adds to the dusty, war-ravaged nature of the narrative I'm going for, so no real damage done. All I have to sort out now the actual display board which hopefully shouldn't be too much of a rush for a change! If I get chance, I'm going to see if I can speed through painting some Terminators too.

Not that much to do then,....


  1. Stoked to see this next Saturday! Glorious work as per usual. As for the hair on Mister Saul, it looks good. Every time I attempt to greenstuff hair I accidentally resurrect disco!

    1. Cheers dude! It's been a really fun project to work on. Hahaha, I think the camera angles make the hair look a bit better than it really is.

      What do you mean 'resurrect disco' - that shit never died!